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We help client-centered, pragmatic legal service providers deliver accessible, usability-first legal services with our custom designs. We design engaging, visual legal communication and documentation without compromising legal accuracy or risk.

What is legal design? What is a design process? These and more questions are answered in our FAQ!

From complexity to clarity

Legal service providers need effective tools of communication and a more client-centered approach to help clients achieve their goals. We bring clarity to legal services by applying visual communication, creativity and curiosity in the legal domain.


  • Do you need engaging compliance documents?


  • User-friendly contracts or terms & conditions?


  • Legal relationships visualised?


  • Timelines for litigation?


  • Do you want to learn design thinking methods and how to work in an iterative collaboration by working with us? 


A legal design project starts with putting the reader’s goals and needs first. Through designing the information architecture, sketches, text editing, feedback from stakeholders and revisions we reach the desired result: accessible, memorable, clear and attractively designed legal communication.


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Legal design training

Learn design thinking and visual design skills

  • Do you and your team want to learn how to optimize your clients’ experience with your legal documents or services?
  • How to make your legal content more convincing and memorable?
  • What the design thinking process is like and how to apply these problem-solving skills? 
  • How to learn visual thinking methods and visual skills for lawyers?


Design thinking and visual design skills level up your legal work. An in-house legal design introduction training makes your team step out of its comfort zone. Embrace creativity, visualisation and a client-focused approach to enhance your clients’ experience.


Get in touch for a two- or three-day training, tailor-made for your team, or read more about our online Introduction to Legal Design training! 

1-on-1 consultation


Book a 1-on-1 consultation with our founder Anna Posthumus Meyjes for legal design advice, focused feedback on your project, brainstorming or if you want to pursue a career in legal design but don’t know where to start. Anna will give guidance and share tools, tips and inspiration to get you started or continue your legal design journey.

100% of our clients say the delivery of our services was beyond their expectations

“Anna brings to the table a unique combination of her legal background as a lawyer and design skills which matched very well with our project requirements.”

— Paul Bänziger

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory The Netherlands

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