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1-on-1 consultation

with Anna Posthumus Meyjes

 295 ex. VAT

  • Book a 1-hour consultation with our founder, Anna Posthumus Meyjes.
  • Do you want to brainstorm about a legal design project? Or do you need focused feedback on your project? During this single 1-on-1 session, we pick the legal design subject you want to focus on. You can expect an intensive, personal exchange to help you with your legal design challenges.
  • Do you need more? Find our coaching plans here!
  • Step 1: Purchase the 1-on-1 consultation
  • Step 2: We schedule the call at a time that works for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Legal design is a user-centred, creative, problem-solving methodology and mindset aiming to improve legal products, services and systems. It combines legal expertise, information design and design thinking. That means it’s collaborative by nature and requires curiosity, experimentation and empathy. The best way to get to know legal design is by participating!

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