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Visuals for litigation, Ts&Cs, and legislation updates

Take a look at legal design's diverse applications

the brief

We are regularly engaged to design short-format infographic visuals, like litigation graphics, term sheets or updates on case law or legislation. Although we’re used to working on larger projects, we love helping with these short-format designs that can have a significant impact.

the goal

We always emphasise that a communication’s goal can never be just ‘informing’. When you’re informing someone, the underlying goal is mainly to get people to take action (sign up, report, register, enclose your Ts&Cs, etc.) or not to do something (don’t share confidential information, don’t overstep your authorities, etc).

the process

Depending on the end users, the organisation and the budget, we either solely co-create these designs in collaboration with the clients and end users or include user research and testing.

the result

These featured designs were received well by our clients and their end users. They have provided clarity and helped communicate news.

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