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Pfizer compliance guides

the brief

Pfizer’s legal division needed a more user-friendly ‘dawn raid’ guide and antitrust compliance guidelines. The current document was long, hard to read and navigate. 

the goal

The dawn raid guide needed to give an overview of each department’s required actions in case of a dawn raid, followed by department specific instructions.


The antitrust compliance guidelines needed to be more understandable and engaging. are a FAQ format guide. 

the process

We designed the documents in a positive, narrative and accessible style and rewrote the text in plain language. Both documents use color, Q&A style, plain language, click-through navigation, icons and illustrations for optimal reader engagement.

the result

We delivered accessible, engaging and easy to navigate compliance guides. The Antitrust Compliance Guide allows readers to scan the contents and easily look for answers on antitrust. The Dawn Raid Guide gives clear, visual instructions to each department. It’s a comprehensive playbook that helps readers act fast in times of urgency. 

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