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Litigation funder’s governance playbooks

Design of regulatory infographic and governance playbook

the brief

We were asked by a litigation funding company to design senior management regulatory playbooks, in co-creation with UK governance consultancy Kuberno. The client reduces financial risk by funding claimants in litigation and disputes around the world. It enables claimants to bring important actions in a wide range of consumer and commercial disputes in multiple jurisdictions. The playbooks need to help senior management navigate regulatory duties and conduct rules. The client wanted a concise and bullet-listed playbook to easily look up senior management regulatory rules.

the goal

The goal was to design easy-to-use, playful and engaging corporate governance playbooks, that serve as day-to-day practical guides, communicating the Senior Management Certification Regime (SMCR) responsibilities and trigger events. Having a preference for bullet lists, we designed flowcharts and tick-off lists to make decision-making easy. We used plain language and click-through navigation to help senior management quickly assess decisions and action points.

the process

By researching the client’s needs and style of communication, we came up with a setup of a onepager infographic that contains all SMCR responsibilities and a playbook. The playbook is written and designed from the reader’s perspective: what to do and when to do it. The ‘Trigger events’ section focuses on decision-making instructions, whilst the Wiki section gives further reading into the SMCR conduct rules. This layered structure helps comprehension, efficiency and navigation.

the result

We delivered a concise ‘SMCR on a page’ infographic and easy to use playbook. These designs are: • Based on day-to-day senior management’s needs in their preferred tick-the-box style • Aligned with their governance tool Corterum We used click-through navigation, flowcharts and lists plus instructions for Corterum. The designs are written in plain language, emphasising actionable instructions. The Wiki section for further reading helps senior managers understand backgrounds of SMCR rules.

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