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Legal Icons

Set of 20 legal icons for all your visual communication

 39 ex. VAT

Easy to use icons that enhance your message: great for client advice, in litigation, presentations and education. These icons capture legal concepts and topics. They work great in communicating situations, relationships, processes or actions. Conversations speed up, and clients are left with fewer questions.
Icons can also serve as visual anchor points. They help your readers navigate written advice, memos, and other documents requiring clear communication.
You get the set in your selected colour, plus in white and black for different coloured backgrounds.
TIP: Want more icons? What icons do you need in your business? Let us know!


FAQ and instructions:
  • Can I change the colours of the icons?
You get the icon set in the selected colour plus in white and black. If you want the icons in a different colour, contact us! (see below). The icon colours correspond with our infographics and templates.
  • What if I need more icons?

Do you want more or other icons? Let us know and we’ll make more sets.

  • Can I use the icons for my website or social media?

Yes, you can, they’re designed to work for websites and social media too. 

File delivery and specifications

The icons are downloadable as .png and .jpg image files and come with an overview. It’s as easy as select & paste! Suitable for screens and print. 

Be cool - respect the maker

You can use the infographic for all your communication. Just respect the maker: no editing or reselling. When sharing on social media, tag us please. We’ll also tag you back! 🙂

PSST… please note

Some of these icons depict legal concepts in Dutch law. More to come for other jurisdictions. And let us know what else you’d like to have!

Custom design wishes?

Do you want these icons in your own brand colors? Get in touch!

Additional information


Aqua, Cloud, Emerald Green, Hot pink, Maroon, Night Blue, Royal Blue, Ruby Red, Teal

Frequently Asked Questions

Legal design is a user-centred, creative, problem-solving methodology and mindset aiming to improve legal products, services and systems. It combines legal expertise, information design and design thinking. That means it’s collaborative by nature and requires curiosity, experimentation and empathy. The best way to get to know legal design is by participating!

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