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Deelgeschilprocedure (partial dispute proceedings)

 99 ex. VAT

Use visualised information to help your clients understand better what to expect in litigation. This infographic explains partial dispute proceedings before a District Court. The infographic illustrates what people can generally expect: what steps are there, who is involved, and how long these proceedings usually take. Don’t keep your client in the dark; instead, help them see the trajectory in litigation.
Combine with the set of infographics ‘Dagvaardingsprocedure’ to give your client a complete overview of what to expect during litigation.


FAQ and instructions
Is the infographic legally accurate?

The infographics are designed in cooperation with legal experts and are regularly updated. It doesn’t aim to be complete but gives basic information on partial dispute proceedings before a Dutch District Court. If you’re a lawyer, always make sure you give your clients up-to-date information.


How will I receive the infographic?

After purchase, you receive a pdf file. The infographic isn’t editable.

File delivery and specifications

Your download is a pdf file. It can be printed, attached to an email or viewed online. Best viewed on larger screens (computer or tablet).

Be cool - respect the maker

You can use the infographic for all your communication with your clients. Just respect the maker: only share it with your clients and don’t resell it to anyone. Editing is not allowed. And when sharing on social media, tag us, please. We’ll also tag you back! 🙂

PSST… read this fine print

NOTE: This information only applies to the jurisdiction of the Netherlands and only to proceedings before a District Court (Rechtbank), not appeal proceedings and not ‘kantonprocedure’. Also, it only applies to proceedings initiated with a writ of summons (‘dagvaarding’).


DISCLAIMER: The information in this infographic is updated regularly, but Aclara Legal Design is not responsible or liable for any of the contents. The infographic cannot be construed as legal advice. Always make sure you get support from a legal services provider when confronted with legal proceedings.

Custom design wishes?

Do you want this infographic in your branding? Or change any of the text? Contact us! Customisation starts at € 199 ex VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

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