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Is there any case law on visuals in legal documents?

Currently, there is little case law on using visuals in legal documents, such as contracts. And jurisdictions may differ in how they deal with legal visuals. We see that as an opportunity: the future of legal services will definitely include more use of visuals, so it’s only a matter of time before there will be […]

Isn’t that a little risky, using visuals in a legal context?

Well, hard to read, dense text can be riskier because people will not read it, let alone understand. And clear, effective visuals usually go together with text, they are not meant to replace all text. Also, clear visuals help people understand each other, which prevents disputes and errors.

Does Aclara Legal Design provide legal services?

We don’t – we leave the legal content and up-to-date expertise up to the experts (you?). But because we have worked in legal services for many years, we know all about the law and can brainstorm with you on legal topics. Be prepared for sharp questions…