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What is legal design?

Legal design is a user-centred, creative, problem-solving methodology and mindset aiming to improve legal products, services and systems. It combines legal expertise, information design and design thinking. That means it’s collaborative by nature and requires curiosity, experimentation and empathy. The best way to get to know legal design is by participating!

What steps does a legal design project include?

AWe start with research, asking questions, doing interviews where necessary. We delve deep into the end users’ wants and needs. Once we established a framework for what the project needs, we draft sketches. After getting client feedback, we make a first design version, followed by feedback and making iterations. That step repeats itself until we […]

What does Aclara mean?

Hah! Good question. Aclara comes from the Spanish verb ‘aclarar’, which means to clarify or explain. That’s what we do! Spanish is a wonderful language, and we just love all the A’s in Aclara.

How much does a legal design project cost?

That really depends: how much research has to be done, what source material is available, how much detail needs to go into the designs and how many iterations will be needed. We do ‘value-based pricing’: we assess the project (materials, time, etc.) and the license needed for the use of the design (full or limited […]