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Hogeschool van Amsterdam & Slimmer met Regelgeving

Illustrations for Legal Tech Design curriculum

the brief

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) in association with Slimmer met Regelgeving (SMR), approached us to design a set of illustrations to help explain SMR’s activities. SMR is a citizen’s initiative that connects the knowledge of rules, rule of law and technology, aiming to make legislation and justice more accessible, understandable and applicable for all. SMR developed technological methods that analyse and determine legal rules as if they were DNA. The purpose, target group and conditions of each legal rule are assessed and categorised.

the goal

Illustrate how SMR’s methods work, as part of the HvA legal Legal Tech Design curriculum. In this curriculum, the students learn why and how technology and decision-making systems empower people, companies and the government to understand and apply rules and legislation.

the process

In live and online co-creation sessions, we explored infographic and illustration formats that would best communicate SMR’s technology. We developed several distinct designs and tested them with stakeholders.

the result

A set of five illustrations that visualise SMR’s methods and technology, by which the HvA Legal Tech Design students learned how legislation can be translated into a binary, multi-component system. SMR and the HvA used these illustrations as part of their presentation for the students and as a basis for student assignments.

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