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DOEN Legal

Design of engagement letter and terms and conditions

the brief

DOEN Legal is an innovative, no-nonsense Dutch law firm that wanted its engagement letter and terms & conditions to be more readable and understandable.

the goal

Focusing on creative businesses, DOEN Legal wanted to help clients understand better how they would be working together. As engagement letters and terms and conditions are the first legal documents clients see, we aimed at making the best first impression by being clear and bold.

the process

We rewrote the engagement letter and terms and conditions in plain language and designed them in DOEN Legal’s typographic branding.

the result

We chose clear titles for each section and included Q&A style wording. The layout and typography help the reader navigate. And the highlighted boxes and ‘Let op!’ text markers point the reader to important obligations. Together the engagement letter and terms and conditions form a seamless step in the client journey.

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