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Blended Law Terms & Conditions

Design of terms & conditions

the brief is a platform that brings together people who need legal services and legal professionals. Clients can select a professional, get a price estimate and work together in the client portal. asked us to design terms and conditions that fit their transparent, accessible way of hiring legal services.

the goal has a playful, positive style. The terms & conditions needed to be in plain language and in accordance with the look and feel of the website. The terms and conditions also needed to make clear that there are three parties involved in any transaction: the platform, the legal professional and the client.

the process

We took’s terms and conditions and rewrote them to a Q&A style format and added visualisations where appropriate. The visualisations highlight the three-party structure, payment of the platform and professional and which terms apply.

the result

The terms and conditions communicate’s transparent way of working, in their tone of voice. They are readable and contain as little legal jargon as possible. The visualisations help readers navigate to what is important for them. The terms and conditions now form a seamless step in the user journey.

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