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Introduction to legal design workshop

Empower your team and transform your legal practice

Are you aiming to enhance your clients’ experience and foster stronger relationships? Discover effective communication tools while you’re at it. Whether you work in-house or run a private practice, the key lies in gaining a profound insight into your clients’ needs. 


Our in-house online workshop teaches you the basics of legal design

What is legal design? What are the challenges and benefits of working in a design-led way? What does a legal design project include? How do you work with designers?


Your team’s introduction to more visual, client-centred communication

During a 2-hour online interactive workshop, take-home assignment and 1-hour follow-up session, we get hands-on with tutorials and exercises in design and visual skills.

The best start of your team's
legal design journey

Discover your team's creative potential
Get familiar with legal design methods and mindset
Learn customer research, creative, and visual skills and how to apply them with confidence
Start your first legal design project with your team

What you’ll learn

  • an introduction to legal design: the what, how and why (mindset, methodology and goals)


  • real-life examples of legal design projects and their design decisions


  • basic visual skills to apply online or offline and on any platform


  • how to use visual and design tools to collaborate visually and enhance your communication


  • introduction to methods for researching your clients’ needs


  • how to get started on your own legal design project, using your own use case

What's included:

  • 2-hour online interactive workshop using Zoom
  • Take-home assignment to practice doing user research, setting communication goals and information architecture
  • 1-hour follow-up session with your team to finalise your first legal design use case and create commitment
  • Course materials on design thinking process, visual design and typography
  • Your team of up to 15 people
  • Learn, practice with tools and get top tips
  • Tailored to your team’s needs by including your use case
  • Take-home materials to continue your journey
  • In Dutch or English
  • € 2,399 all-in investment for your whole team

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