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10 Cognitive Biases and Their Impact on Visual and Information Design

And why it’s essential to comprehend cognitive biases to craft engaging information experiences We all have biases and are influenced by others’ biases, often unconsciously. These biases affect information perception, processing, and interpretation in visual and textual formats. It is essential to comprehend cognitive biases to craft engaging information experiences. In this article, I will […]

How Legal Design Unlocks the True Potential of Legal Tech

The legal tech industry has thrived in recent years by providing various products and services that can streamline contract management, document review, and case preparation. With the advent of generative AI technology, there is tremendous excitement about its potential in the legal tech arena. Many are confident that this technology could revolutionise legal tech products, […]

From problem solver to solution designer

Q&A with Anna about her legal design journey Written by Francesca Lai  One of the most common questions I get is how I became a legal designer. So our team member Francesca Lai convinced me to do an interview – here’s what she asked me about my journey transitioning from legal practice to legal design!  […]

Why we need Legal Design to craft Public Services

By our guest blogger Franziska Jensen Why we need legal design to craft public services A visit to the authorities can be nerve-wracking for all sides. Are we meeting the needs of everyone involved by setting a conflict-minimizing, cooperative, satisfying and efficient way? The simple answer is: no. It is necessary to rethink and consider […]

How legal design can get your clients to love reading your contracts

And how levelling up your visual presentation skills is just as important as forming a strong legal argument Greetings from South Africa! Recently, I was invited to go to Johannesburg to give a talk and host a workshop about legal design at the Legal Innovation & Tech Fest Africa 2022, which was met with rave […]

How to create a ‘fun’ctional privacy policy

By Preksha Diwakar @Aclara Legal Design “I…agree?” A 2017 Deloitte survey found that 91% of consumers click on “I agree” without reading the terms on websites. Does that make you wonder why we, as lawyers, make the law so inaccessible for the layman? The structure and construction of legal language restrict access to its content […]

How law and design differ – and how they are alike

Design vs. law? Design takes a user-centred (or human-centred) approach that is different from law. Human-centred design is about investigating human problems and coming up with human solutions. So how is this different from law? That’s what we’ll explore in this post. Reimagining law Legal design aims to reimagine how legal services and the legal […]

Transforming legal literature with Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory

Sharing our design decisions Have you wondered where a legal design project starts, how design decisions are made, and when a project is finished? Let me walk you through one of my recent projects for Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory The Netherlands.    About Wolters Kluwer and the Groene Serie Wolters Kluwer is a major […]

How sensitivity makes you a better lawyer

image of anna

It can be easy to forget that every dispute, every legal issue, even the most professional, is about people. I’ve seen experienced directors, managers, and in-house counsel suffer enormously because of the stress and responsibility that came with dealing with a dispute or other legal problem. That’s why I believe being sensitive to people’s needs is one of the most important qualities you can have as a lawyer. One of my strong qualities as a lawyer was my sensitivity, although I would never have described it as such. Being sensitive doesn’t sound cool, professional, or hardcore, does it? So why would you claim you’re a sensitive lawyer?

My legal information design process step-by-step

The who, what, when and how Each type of design project requires different methods. And different designers have differenct methods. I will take you through each step of my information design process. For most of my clients, the project we’re about to start is their first legal design project. So I make an effort to […]